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  • Publicado : 13 de marzo de 2011
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Small explosive shell",

The M-60 series general purpose machine gun is a light weight, belt fed, gas operated, air cooled weapon with fixed headspace and timing to allow for the rapidexchange of barrels during sustained firing situations. The M-60 can be carried and operated by one individual, though it is common practice to assign the weapon to a fire team (gunner and assistantgunner, who carries an additional barrel and ammunition). The M-60 is equipped with an integral bipod assembly which can be used to stabilize the weapon during offensive operations. Optionally, theM-60 can be set up on a tripod for increased stability and long range accuracy. In addition to the basic M-60 there are two variant models; the M-60 C/D (for use on helicopters) and the M-60E3, alighter version of the basic model used by the Marine Corps and U.S. Special Operations Forces.

The 12 gauge shotgun is a manually operated (pump), repeating shotgun, with a seven-roundtubular magazine, a modified choke barrel, ghost ring sights, and is equipped with a bayonet attachment, sling swivels and a standard length military stock with phenolic plastic buttplate (some modelshave wooden and/or folding stocks). This special purpose individual weapon is used for guard duty, prisoner supervision, local security, riot control, and any situation which requires the use of armedpersonnel with inherent limited range and ammunition penetration.

The M16A2 5.56mm rifle is a lightweight, air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed, shoulder- or hip-fired weapondesigned for either automatic fire (3-round bursts) or semiautomatic fire (single shot) through the use of a selector lever. The weapon has a fully adjustable rear sight. The bottom of the trigger guardopens to provide access to the trigger while wearing winter mittens. The upper receiver/barrel assembly has a fully adjustable rear sight and a compensator which helps keep the muzzle down during...
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