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A Business Planmust have a certain number of attributes. It should be efficient, so it can be useful to present and future investors. Its structure must be simple and clear, and the conceptsand explanations in it not too technical and avoiding jargon to make it easier to understand it. It also should be brief, shorter than thirty pages and with a format comfortable to the eye. The areasthat contained and analyzed in a business plan are: the nature of the project (all about its goals, etc), the market on which the good performance of the business depends, the main product or servicerelated to the enterprise as well as the characteristics of the latest, and also the economical and financial aspects that should be considered.

There are several aspects to negotiation that aregreatly related to emotional skills and should be known and practiced by all business managers since they"re quite useful as well as fashionable. As the world keeps moving into more and more"civilized" human relations, the good manners and capacity to listen and accept positions different from our own are gaining value by the hour. A good business management must try to "keep up" with all theseavant-gardetendencies, not only because it"s trendy but because they"re endorsed by several studies that prove that tough negotiation is not good anymore, because there are far too many options for allbusinessmen as well as costumers that have caused to leave behind harshness to give place to persuasion and pleasing of the seeker"s littlest needs.

Dentro de la gestión empresarialconstantemente se toman decisiones estratégicas, cuya concepción y puesta en práctica están en estrecha relación con el Plan de Negocios que elabora la gerencia de la empresa.

El presente informeha sido diseñado básicamente con el objetivode contar con una base conceptual abarcadora, aunque no tan amplia en las explicaciones en él presentadas, que permita comprender mejor las metas y...
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