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Student: Isis Dalila Aguilar
Teacher: Claudia Morales
Date: Feb. 14th, 12
Class: Evaluation of English
What is evaluation?
Evaluation is the process of determining significance or worth,usually by careful appraisal and study. Evaluation is the analysis and comparison of actual progress vs. prior plans, oriented toward improving plans for future implementation. It is part of a continuingmanagement process consisting of planning, implementation, and evaluation; ideally with each following the other in a continuous cycle until successful completion of the activity. Evaluation is theprocess of determining the worth or value of something. This involves assigning values to the thing or person being evaluated.
Evaluation is the systematic collection and analysis of data needed to makedecisions, a process in which most well-run programs engage from the outset. Here are just some of the evaluation activities that are already likely to be incorporated into many programs or that canbe added easily:
* Pinpointing the services needed for example, finding out what knowledge, skills, attitudes, or behaviors a program should address
* Establishing program objectives anddeciding the particular evidence (such as the specific knowledge, attitudes, or behavior) that will demonstrate that the objectives have been met. A key to successful evaluation is a set of clear,measurable, and realistic program objectives. If objectives are unrealistically optimistic or are not measurable, the program may not be able to demonstrate that it has been successful even if it has done agood job
* Developing or selecting from among alternative program approaches for example, trying different curricula or policies and determining which ones best achieve the goals
* Trackingprogram objectives for example, setting up a system that shows who gets services, how much service is delivered, how participants rate the services they receive, and which approaches are most readily...
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