Parts of the persuasive essay

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Parts of the Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is an argument in writing. Follow these steps to plan and write a very persuasive essay.
Form a thesis you can argue. Make sure it’s not astatement of taste (I like video games"), or a statement of fact, such as "Video games are popular." No one can argue with that! Try something like, "Video games negatively affect teens’ health."Gather more information: the internet, the library, newspapers and magazines, and other people are all possible sources. If you have personal experience with the topic, that can be part, butnot all, of your evidence. Write your facts as complete sentences, then develop each fact into its own paragraph.
Try to predict how a reader might argue against your thesis. How would youdefend it?
How would you show their response as incorrect?
Finish up with a conclusion that restates your thesis. Then add a little extra – a prediction for
the future, perhaps?

Outline Formatfor a Persuasive Essay

I. First Paragraph: State your opinion
A. Capture: Hook the reader’s attention.
B. Writer’s position: What side of the argument are you on. You
must choose oneside and stick to it. Do not waff le; once you have stated
your position support it as if you believed it completely.
C. List support ing evidence: List the main reasons you believe
yourargument is correct.
II. Second Paragraph: First reason:
A. First detail
B. Second detail
C. Third detail
III. Third Paragraph: Second reason
A. First detail
B. Second detail
C. Thirddetail
IV. Fourth Paragraph: Third reason
A. First detail
B. Second detail
C. Third detail
V. Fifth Paragraph: Reasons the other side is wrong: Predict how will
someone argue against you. Whyare you right and they’re not?
A. First detail
B. Second detail
C. Third detail
VI. Sixth Paragraph: Conclusion
A. Restate your thesis
B. Summarize your main points
C. Echo the capture
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