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  • Publicado : 12 de septiembre de 2012
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The Contribution of the Individual Student to the Learning Process
* To consider the part the individual learner plays in the learning process.
* To start examining recent workand point out problems that have been carried out.
* To suggest an alternative approach focusing on how individuals learners make sense of their learning situation in ways that are personal tothem.
Research Methodology
* “Progress is by developing an increasing accuracy in the measurement of human characteristics.”
* Standardised tests of the particular characteristics focus on aparticular area of the learning process.
* Reliability and validity Standardised
* Results tell us about group of ppl and average scores rather than individual.
Selection of IndividualCharacteristics
* Gradman and Hanania (1991) 22
* Oxford and Erhman (1993) 9
* Skehan (1989) 8
* The most common styles Field dependence and Field independence.
* Motivation,anxiety and aptitude.
An alternative Approach
* It’s focused on the unique contribution that each individual brings to the learning situation and on how the teacher can assist the learner moreeffectively.
* It should be a theory of how ppl change rather than how they stay the same.
* It should enable Ts to support individuals in taking personal control of their own learning.Individuals’ views of themselves as learners.
Self- Concept
* The views ppl have of themsleves
* The union of all our perceptions and conceptions about ourselves which give rise to oursense of personal identity.
* Social relationships Social comparison theorylearners’ conceptions of their own ability as learners will be based on in part on the nature of classroominteraction.
* The more we see other ppl as being like ourselves, or the more significant a part that ppl play in our lives, the more likely we are to compare ourselves with them
Locus of Control...