Paulina hernandez

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  • Publicado : 11 de mayo de 2011
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Here it goes;; I have a new home; Leon, Gto. Mexico. I'm not going to say that I'm not like everyone else because that would be a lie. I'm not goingto say I'm a bitch either because I'm not. I'm actually really nice once you get me to talk. That leads me to telling you that I'm actually extremelyshy and I hate meeting new people because I feel awkward; what if they don't want to be bothered? That leads to saying that I hate talking, I prefer toread. What comes with not talking too much is that I don't curse unless I'm really mad. Going to telling you that I tend to cry when I'm extremelyaggravated. I don't take things for granted and if I do I don't notice it. I'm not perfect and I make a lot of mistakes; especially in sports. I'm not verygood at them or being coordinated on my feet. I don't pay much attention to people and what they have to say because they won't be with me forever. Ireally prefer being home than school. That leads to not liking being with people, I prefer to be alone but even if I am by myself I tend to find troublewherever I go. Danger is like my best friend, it tends to be with me 24 / 7. I would have liked to be born in Chicago, 1901-1918, even if I had to dieat a young age. Life's something I don't really have but it's because I prefer not to have one. I tend to talk bad about myself and for any guy that'sinterested; I'll say now that I'm not worth it, I probably won't notice you much. This is me and yeah; I'm not great but hey, life's been good with me.
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