Pelicula "the great debaters"

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1. - Describe the characters.


MELVIN TOLSON: He was a teacher of Wiley college tall, very strict with his students, he was very committed, he was a leader of a group of farmagainst racism also he was communist.


a) SAMANTHA BOOKE: She was very intelligent; she had a relationship with Henry Lowe. In a moment she decides to leave the group but she comesback to compete. She was the only woman in the group. She wanted to be a great lawyer for this she participated in the debates.

b) HENRY LOWE: He was a young. He had problems with alcohol and everytime that he had a problem he drank. He was one of the best in the discussion group. He was very impulsive.

c) JAMES FARMER JR.: He was the smallest group. He was 14 years old. He was son of atheology very committed with this. He sought the arguments. He believes that Samantha was beautiful.

d) HAMILTON BURGER: He leaves the group early because he was against the ideology of the teacher ashe was communist. For this in the movie didn’t show much of Burger’s personality.

2. - Summarize the story.

This movie begins when the teacher Melvin Tolson prepared a group of student todiscuss. He chooses only 4 of this group. He chooses to the best, this group was composed for 3 men Henry Lowe, James Farmer Jr., and Hamilton Burgess and only one woman Samantha Book, 2 of them weredebating and 2 substitutes. The teacher and students debate with many universities and they lost once. But Melvin Tolson was not only a teacher, he hit other secret, he was leader of a group of farmers(whites and negroes ) who fought against the racism that existed in those days, for that one of his students Hamilton Burgess leaves the group. Also this situation generated that the teacher was jailedbut with the help of James Farmer’s father he could leave prison. But this brought little consequence and one of these was that the teacher could not accompany their students to the great debate...
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