Peligros en las redes sociales

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  • Publicado : 14 de mayo de 2011
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Dangers in social networks

Social networks like facebook or tuenti are a new communication support by internet that is used everydayin a huge group of people. There are many dangers in the use of this technology.

Two ways are the most important to break the security in the use of social networks. The first one is when a user does communications by the social network with a high frequency. The second way is when the user sends a lot of data’s.

A lot of dangers are get by the users while they are in internet, using thesocial networks. For example, principal dangers are sexting, grooming and ciberbullying.


Not all practices sexting just so negative. An image that is taken and distributed with control by adults, it will not be dangerous. But when minors are involved the matter is complicated.

Sexting is an English word taken from joining “Sex” and texting (send text messages from mobile phones).Related sexting is called sex-casting. This term identifies the recording of sexual content through the webcam and distributing them by e-mail, social networks, etc.

Sexting is not a phenomenon unique to the kids. Adults also spread sexually oriented photographs of themselves taken with the mobile phone or other devices. It seems clear, that the child is not receiving a threat against yourprivacy. There are risks in the exposure of personal data private and intimate, through new communication technologies, and therefore the spread. Sexting content can become massively popular.

Sexting Risks

One risk is acquired, by who sends images or video contents can loss the personal privacy. The content that people themselves have generated could end up in the hands of other people. Onceyou send something, it loses control over its.

May be that when a adolescent loss the personal privacy, in the school has subjected to cruelty or public humiliation that can lead to a psychological condition (anxiety disorders, depression, social exclusion)

Sexting phenomenon has a low risk level in spain, but in EEUU is growing. In Spain, 10% children between 10 and 16 years have receivedsex pictures. All start like a play.

Sexting news

• In November 2010 proceedings were opened in Murcia for a case in which the recording of sexual relations between two children that was circulating between mobiles.
• Two American students sued the school district responsible for the punishment imposed on them after discovering the erotic photos were posted on MySpace for their summerholidays.
• An American woman with 40 years old, charged in Juen 2009 using her cellular mobile to send pictures of herself naked and inappropriate messages to an adolescent.

The English expression said that when a child is humiliated, embarrassed by someone else from the internet, digital technologies and mobile phones too. Cyberbullying is the harassment of a minor againstanother minor.
When an adult is involved in bullying, this risks is called cyberstalking. The adult try to lure children and adolescents for sexual encounters. In the end, adult person want to have sexual relationship with the children.

Cyberbullying ways

Now, i write principals ways to do cyberbullying. For example:
• Anyone can send message from chat, msn, other…
• Ispossible to stole the password of emails.
• Offensive comments in blogs and websites.
• Sending pictures via email and mobile phones.
• Internet surveys insulting.
• Interactive games involving the beleaguered.
• Sending malicious code and viruses on the victim harassed email.
• Sending sex videos.
• Spoofing.

Cyberbullying suicide

Cyberbullying is a big...