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  • Publicado : 23 de agosto de 2012
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GIMP DDS plug-in
Documentation of advanced features April 16, 2008
Documented by: Shawn Kirst GIMP DDS plug-in home page

1. Saving general images 2. Saving cube map images 3. Savingvolume map images

Saving general images
Saving images with the GIMP DDS plug-in is a rather straight-forward task, yet there are some things that can happen that may cause confusion for someusers. Most importantly, when the image you are trying to save contains multiple layers. Normal 2D DDS images cannot contain layers in the same way a Photoshop (PSD) or GIMP (XCF) image can. The simplestway to save your image is to composite all your layers down to a single layer. This can be accomplished in 3 ways: 1. Using the 'Flatten Image' function from the Image menu 2. Making all your layersvisible, and using the 'Merge visible layers' function from the layers menu. 3. Deleting all the layers from the image except the one you wish to save. You must do one of the three in order to saveyour image. The other option is to save only the layer you are interested in, or each layer to a separate image file. To do this, select the layer you want to save in the Layers dialog, and save theimage as normal. You might get prompted with a warning dialog that asks if you are trying to save a volume or cube map image, and that it can't due to certain properties of the image not satisfying thattype of image. Ignore this. From the GIMP DDS save dialog, there is an option labled 'Save'. Select the option that says 'Selected layer'.

You can now choose the other properties you wish to savethe image with such as compression or pixel format. Clicking the 'OK' button will save the layer you selected to the file you specified.

Saving cube map images
Saving cube map images allows you tosave an image with 6 layers, with each layer being a face of a cube. Your image must have exactly 6 layers, and each layer must have the same width, height and color depth (all with alpha channel or...
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