Percy jackson the sea of monsters characters

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1. Tyson- Tyson is (or was) Percy’s friend in Meriwether prep. School. He is 6 foot 3’ and is pretty sensitive because he is a baby Cyclops. He’s got one calf brown eye and likeshorses, especially Rainbow. Tyson can build many things since he is a Cyclops. Secondary character.
2. Matt Sloan- Matt is the school bully at Meriwether prep. He acts big and strong even though heisn’t. He dresses in expensive but sloppy clothes. Secondary character.
3. Mrs. Tesla- Percy’s science teacher at Meriwether prep. She congratulated Percy and Tyson fro being natural chemists.Secondary character.
4. Mr. de Milo- was Percy’s English teacher at Meriwether prep. Secondary character.
5. Coach Nunley- was Percy’s gym teacher at Meriwether prep. He doesn’t move much and isalways reading sports illustrated magazines. Percy compares him with the oracle at camp half-blood. Secondary character.
6. Corey Bailer- was on of Percy’s classmates; he was the computer geek atMeriwether prep. School. Secondary character.
7. Raj Mandali- was on of Percy’s classmates; he was the calculus whiz at Meriwether prep. School. He speaks Urdu. Secondary character.
8. Mr.Bonsai- was the head master at Meriwether prep. School. Secondary character.
9. Tantalus- Tantalus looks very haggard because the gods cursed him in the afterlife, he cannot eat or drink forever orfor a very long time. He received this punishment because he fed the gods his children. He wears a prisoner uniform with the numbers 0001 on it. He was placed as activities director at camp half-blood,replacing Chiron. He doesn’t get along with Percy and he also reinstituted the chariot races at the camp. Secondary character.
10. Argus- is the head security at camp half-blood. He has eyes allover his body and he also has sandy hair. Reference character.
11. Charles Beckendorf- is a son of Hephaestus. People say that he can build anything for you from a metallic singing birdhouse to a...
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