Perdón no fue mi intención

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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2012
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Sorry, I was not my intention
(Perdón no fue mi intención)

This book talks about the problems experienced by children during their adolescence, their ways of acting and thinking and how theyinfluence the people around them.
It tells of a young man who began to get into the drug world that she does to be a reflection for us young as we are the future of our country and do not want us tofall in and this happened to the protagonist of this novel.
This book tells of a cheerful young man who liked to have fun out with friends, but one day when he went with one of his friends were drunkand drugged. They were on the road driving to not be set on a curve and lost control and failed to stop at accident which caused a strong collision with another motorist. The young drunk nothinghappens, but unfortunately his companion and the driver of the car that crashed, lost their lives.
The young drunken days after being hospitalized awakens, but with serious injuries, after learning hispartner and the other driver killed by his deep remorse he feels.
The closely reflects the attentive he discovers the importance of the word, which he thinks is the cause that edge to rob their parents,get high, get drunk and kill an innocent now, which was not his fault that the I would draw attention.
Because of his actions he was arrested, which was double the punishment for him, since he stillresented his wounds and was not allowed to see his family who had a great desire to see, to ask forgiveness for reaching that level with the purpose of attracting attention.
Some time later, one dayin jail had needed someone to manage studies for some files and then reminded Doc Canseco, who had taught all his students, that the subjects learned in school are like keys that open the variousdoors of life.
From what I remembered, reflects and realizes it's true what his teacher had told them. A if he decided to do something for yourself and you succeed, so decided to study, while helping...