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England’s Population was 49,138,831 inhabitants in 2001’s census but the estimation of 2009 population is about 51,400 000 inhabitants
This population is composed by:
90%White, 5.3% South Asian, 2.7% Black, 1.6% Mixed race, 0.7% Chinese, 0.6% Other
1,023/sq mi

Kind of gouvernement
As part of the United Kingdom the basic political system in England is aconstitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy..
A constitutional monarchy is a form of government in which a monarch acts as head of state within the parameters of a written or unwrittenconstitution.
A parliamentary system is a system of government where The State is ruled by a Parliament.The parliament is leaded by a prime or primer minister who plays the same roll as a president .
ButThe Members of the Parliamentary are elected by the inhabitants of England who vote for one of the most Party. So IT is a also a democracy.
Englands motto:  Dieu et mon droit what means Godand my right
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Flag | Royal Standard |
The Flag of England is the St George's Cross. The red cross appeared as an emblem of England during the Middle Ages and the Crusades

The RoyalStandard of England, a banner showing the Royal arms of England, is also frequently to be seen, particularly at sporting events involving an English team

The royal coat of arms of England was a symbolof the kingdom and monarchs of England, and is a component of the arms of its successor states since 1707.

The rose, the floral emblem of England, features in many English symbols and logos, and onUK currency

London Population: 7,556,900
London Is England’s Capital city: London was created by the romans 2000 years ago with the name of Londinium. London has a wide range of peoples,cultures, and religions, and more than 300 languages are spoken within its boundaries.[19] In July 2007, it had an official population of 7,556,900.
London is one of the major classical and popular...
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