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  • Publicado : 12 de mayo de 2011
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Luis Domenzain
May 10 2011

Personal Statement

My name is Luis Domenzain and I am going to write about topics that describe me as a person with a desire of achieving somethingbig in my life. I was born in Mexico City and attended a private school called Instituto Cumbres, a Catholic School. Then my parents sent me to study 2 years to a boarding school called FessendenSchool, I studied 7th and 8th grade in this school located in Boston Massachusetts. The two years that I was there my academic life changed in a big way, probably because of the atmosphere that I wasliving in. The environment of study was hard and at the beginning I struggled to keep with the pace of the other students but after some time I was able to get on track and learn many things.While I was in Fessenden I learned to motivate myself as a student not because of my parents and family that kept pushing me for better grades, but what really did motivate me was my selfencouragement to become better. In this school they made us realize that in order to be successful we had to prepare ourselves to stand out from the others. One thing that encourages me In CumbresSchool the place I am now studying high school in many of the classes we take we have a lot of interaction, for example chemistry labs, biology activities, and different projects in many of the otherclasses

My motivation to attend the Loyola program is to learn many new and interesting things and also live in a different environment similar to college so I can experiencewhat living on a university campus feels like. In order to take advantage of this program I need to prepare myself by doing these things; I will identify specific goals that I want to cover during thesummer, and I will do research on the course that I will be taking so I can take fully advantage and learn more.

God gave us everything and because of that we are in debt to Him....