Persuacion para llegar al nuevo mundo

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It came to my attention after reading the newspaper the tragedy that has happened to our president. He was killed by a man named John Wilkes Booth, with a bullet through his temple while enjoying a comedy. Even though the assassination is tragic, God forgive me but I am not completely surprised. From the beginning of his political career Mr. Lincoln created many friends and supporters as wellas dangerous enemies. It was almost certain when he published the Emancipation Proclamation that someone ought to be an extremist. People were not happy with him afterwards. This makes many believe that the nation’s actions and opinions shaped the way and the time he made the proclamation public. Mr. Lincoln used this as a double bladed sword to appease and secure the support of those whoopposed to him. He clearly took everything in mind, most importantly the Border States that did not break any laws seceding but that were important to keep in the Union. After all this, it is still naive to assume or jump into conclusions about his actions before, during and after the war. As for the emancipation proclamation, people are still confused about the military, political and legalsituations that caused the emancipation proclamation to occur in the way it did.
The emancipation proclamation was the most notorious example of his cunning and precision. Through his life’s history Mr. Lincoln disliked slavery and a lot people knew that. Something for sure was that he never put his antislavery feelings before his political plans. Once he ran for office telling the nation heplanned on leaving slavery the way it was, it became clear that he knew how to control people. I recall one of his debates with Mr. Douglas in 1858 and how he stated slaveholders were not evil. "I have no prejudice against the Southern people. They are just what we would be in their situation. If slavery did not now exist amongst them, they would not introduce it. If it did now exist amongst us, weshould not instantly give it up”. In this acclamation I believe he wanted to appease those southerners and most importantly the Border States that were so precious to him. The Border States were his most carefully examined places when the south seceded from the Union. This happened because these states remained in the union but they had a good chance to leave as well. Here the question of whyMr. Lincoln did not publish the emancipation proclamation prior to 1863 is partially answered. The reason being that this area had a healthy number of slaves which if he “freed” overnight it was almost guaranteed these states would join the Confederate States. At first in such a way to “test the waters” Mr. Lincoln proposed a gradual emancipation and monetary compensation to the state of Delaware.Slaveholders would receive an amount for each slave they freed over a certain age but this proposal went down as the state refused. One of the important arguments that Mr. Lincoln also considered was that powerful influences in the world were fond of the confederacy. Great Britain and Napoleon’s army both supported the confederate states because of their agricultural capacity and production ofthe much precious white gold. After this, in 1862 out of the entire nation the only place to abolish slavery under a federal law was Washington D.C. and the other states refused to have a federal law against slavery. This caused President Jefferson Davis to consider a form of emancipation to the confederate states in order to keep support of these much needed allies. This idea was refusedhowever because of the unquestionable opposition of the slave owners that were abundant in the south.
When the emancipation proclamation came about in 1863, it changed everything completely. Now the war was being fought at a full scale leaving nobody out of the picture to preserve the union as Mr. Lincoln earlier said “a house divided against itself cannot stand”. From the many I heard, they...
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