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  • Publicado : 21 de marzo de 2011
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A happy surprise that gave hope to Palestinians
Massive series of marches, labor strikes and acts of civil disobedience took place in Alexandria and other cities in Egypt to protest against thecorruption and injustice of the Hosni Mubarak regime that had lasted 30 years and other unfair dictatorships.
This protesters wanted freedom of speech, free elections and went against the state ofemergency law, the low minimum wages, the police brutality, the food price inflation and the uncontrollable corruption. This upheaval lasted 18 days and accomplished to overthrow Hosni Mubarak regime.
Thesymbol of this movement was Gamal Abdul Nasser a previous president of Egypt who believed in the honor of the Egyptians and was a strong believer of pan Arabism and anti- imperialism who wanted to getback the stolen resources, like the oil companies controlled by the USA.
The Arab world expects that similar events spread and take place throughout the region, and hopes this brings justice andfreedom to the entire area and bring unity to Palestinians.
It is said that Egypt protests inspired Palestinians and other Arabs and in my opinion this would help the Arab countries to finally startuniting themselves to improve their living situation, and to stop corruption, because they can’t continue like they are, at the end the war would be for freedom an all the Arab countries are going towant a better and more fair government.
Yemen have had major protests as, Libya, Jordan, Algeria, Bahrain, Iran, Morocco, India are fighting too, and in my judgment we are entering into a year were theMiddle East is going to start organizing their affairs, and improving significantly their current situation, they are tired of tyranny and oppression, and they are going to cause a domino effect inwhich all the world would seek for progress and start giving harsher measures to corruption, people is tired of the same thing, they want change and they are prepared to protest and unify to...
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