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  • Publicado : 12 de enero de 2012
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Should students be allowed to have cell phones in elementary and high schools?
The improve of technology in the last years has had a very fast progress actually there is not a chore that you can’tdo with technology, there are unbelievable items that can help you a lot and one of them are cell phones it actually has a lot of useful options, applications, software, functions and accessories. Evenwhen you are in a hard moment a cell phone could be useful if you need an emergency call or a text message and you don’t need the best cell phone in the world to do this it is just the most simplething that a cell phone can do.

If you have one of the last cell phones in the market you will have a big variety of different functions at the reach of your hand like GPS, MP3 player, MP4 player,internet explorer, instant messaging, social networks and a lot of useful software and applications that can get you out of a bind more than one time. For example if you are driving your car and youhave to make a call you can connect your cell phone to a Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth hands free and you can order tasks to your cell phone with your voice. If you are trying to find people you cantrack them if you have GPS tool in your cell phone. And when a student need some information for a research work or is feeling sick or maybe when you forgot something in your house, you can use your cellphone to help you out and solve a lot of problems. It is true that sometimes your cell phone can distract you in important moments for example in class but if you use it responsibly it can be a veryuseful tool. Sometimes teachers may distrust of students with a cell phone during a quiz but a teacher has to be very careful about cheaters and copycats. 9 of 10 students would like to use their cellphones during a class to help themselves in a class work and 6 of 10 teachers would like to do an interactive class with his students using cell phones or another object like laptops or iPads. Cell...
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