Petals on the wind

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  • Publicado : 12 de febrero de 2012
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The story beings with three children, Chris, Carrie and Cathy, they were traveling in a bus to Florida, they were leaving Foxworth Hall. During the trip,Carrie, the youngest of them, began to feel ill, she threw up, so Chris and Cathy worried about her health, and suddenly, Carrie went into coma. The people in the bus started to complain about thesituation, then, a woman in the bus decided to help them, her name was Henrietta Beech, she can’t speak, but she can hear and writes little notes to communicate, so she said to the driver that he had to helpthe children, because the youngest was very ill, she asked to drive near to a hospital, or a town near the way, the driver finally accepted.
This woman took them with a doctor,  Paul Sheffield, tohis house, so, he checked Carrie, and he said that she was very sick, she was in a worrying situation, and the doctor asked to them to tell him why Carrie was ill, he asked if she had eaten spoiledfood, and they said that they had eaten the same that day, and that Carries has alwyas been special to eat, she doesn’t like whatever food.
Paul needed to do some studies to know about the Carrie’sillness, and was necessary to take her to a hospital, but they didn’t have enough money to pay for this. The doctor wanted to help them, and he told that they should call her parents and talk about thesituation, but they refused. Paul realized that they had something hidden, and he asked them to talk about it. They didnt want to, but finally decided to tell him.
They were orphans, their dad died ina car accident and their mother left them with their grandma, she didnt visited after that. Then, their grandfather died, and their mom wanted the heritage, she got it. She got married too. The timepassed, and finally she visited them to brought them expensive clothes, sneakers and watches. The grandma abused of the children and she had them in an attic, and one day she poisoned their food...
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