Pink floyd's the wall summary

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  • Publicado : 6 de marzo de 2012
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Pink Floyd’s The Wall
Plot Summary

Despite being one the weirdest, oddest, most bizarre and confusing movie I have seen so far this film managed to keep watching it till the end (perhaps withthe hope that the creepy protagonist would somehow come out of his depression and apparent catatonic state and finally explained what the hell I just saw, too bad it never happened). So by what Iunderstood and with the help of mighty internet this is what happened. This film tells the story of Pink a depressive drug-addicted rock star that is burnt out from the music industry and is able to performonly with the use of “acid”. The movie starts with the protagonist, Pink, sitting in his apparently trashed and quiet hotel room in Los Angeles, when he starts remembering (showed in flash backs) hisfather and his life as a kid. These flash backs show how his father was killed in combat during World War ll which might explain his urge for a fatherly figure which is critical during his childhood.We can also see how overly protective was his mother with him. Nevertheless that, I kind of felt that she was a little careless for his boy during his first year, I mean like when he was left alonein his crib crying and she was outside taking the sun. This might be a cause of his insecurity with woman (we see this when he calls his wife who his apparently with her lover and he is the one toanswer the phone). If we analyze one the psychosocial theories of the famous psychologist Erik Erikson he tells us that babies (from birth to the first and half year) are on the stage ofconfidence/distrust and that if the baby isn’t taken care off correctly (as the mother has to be taking care of every aspect of the baby at this stage) it might develop insecurity in the future specifically with woman(if the first person to be with him (his mother) failed him the first time we cannot expect much trust from him. Another important factor that may contribute to his drug-addiction and depression is...
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