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  • Publicado : 20 de septiembre de 2010
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The celibacy corresponds to those persons who do not marry, or, that do not have sexual pair.
The celibacy can be seen from a religious, social orphilosophical perspective.
In the religious sense it refers to the purity of the soul. Of the social look it is clear that the celibacy is the best option to the morality and honor, andthat is, more than anything, an option of life. According to the philosophy the celibacy is the way of finding the knowledge (Platón and Sócrates).
In my opinion, the celibacy is asolution to many problems. To be a bachelor implies having sex, and not have sex, implies, in turn, not embrazos, not venereal diseases, and for especially, not to many responsibilities. Ibelieve that the sex is simply an instinct, not a way of saying " I love you”. It is more, there becomes I more sensible to express love leaving of side an instinct as strong as the sex, whichto yield befote it.
In addition there is a small detail that we cannot forget, the human being possesses uses of the reason, and even when many people disagrees with me, for itthe human being must be capable of forgetting its instincts and of acting only in name of the reason, (we might not forget that the reason is what distinguishes us from the rest of the alivebeings) it means that we are capable of to control ourselves.
If for the society it looks like more a sample of love to be taken for an instinct, they are totally mistaken, Becauseit would be to act more as animals than as human beings. The real act of love of the human being would be to resist to his instincts.
The sex should be only valued for itsreproductive purpose, because it does not differ from other instincts.
The celibacy, in conclución, helps the human being to be defined as such and to show affection for other one
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