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  • Publicado : 8 de diciembre de 2011
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During the text we named two groups features of the dryers, we saw that could be classified into 3 fields by their function and use in dryer direct, indirect andinfrared.
The dryer works by providing direct heat applying drying directly, this can be done in 2 different ways, which means that continuous drying is not stopped orinterrupted it stops. These dryers are used to wet solids with hot gases, and features such as humidity, temperature, heat performance differ.
The indirect dryer makes drying through asolid wall and its use is appropriate for low pressures and inert atmospheres. Its low cost and increased use. These dryers are also divided into continuous and discontinuousas the direct.
Finally, the infrared dryers as its name suggests use the strength of high frequency electric fields for drying, by infrared lamps which evaporate humidity.The second group named in the text we saw several examples of different dryers used in different situations and industries, mainly choosing the dryer is the Roller.
Dryer rollerwas used on its begins for drying all the foods liquids, today has the same functions with food but a little more specific as baby food, dairy, fruit pulp and vegetables.
Keyexamples are the different types of flake food, this dryer also has the virtue of being very efficient at low cost.
The advantages possessed by the dryer are that can dryhighly viscous products such as pasta, and products that come are porous which helps to rehydrate.
However, not all products can be dried by this process, some products may havedifficulty at the end of drying such as sugars that form a kind of candy making it difficult to lift the film, nor can it work with corrosive materials can generate pores.
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