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EJERCICIO 1 The Present Simple affirmative

1.Your friend wear nice clothes.
2.My friend and I study English.
3.Her father sit on the big chair for dinner.
4.He buy the newspaper every day.
5.My father works in a bank.
6.The aeroplane fly at 2000 km/h.
7.Some people likes snakes.
8.We never sleep in the afternoon.
9.My brother watch televisionat night.
10.Your sister sing very well.
11.Susan and I play computer games.
12.My friends go to swimming in a sports club.
13.The child listen to music at the weekend.
14.She walks to school every morning.
15.My family often eat vegetables.
16.He travel to Madrid every month.
17.They always wears jeans to school.
18.His brother and his sister run very fast.19.They live in France.
20.My sisters watch television every evening.

Negate the first sentence in each task. Write the negation of the verbs in bold into the correct gaps. You can use long or short/contracted forms of the auxiliary.

Example: Tom writes a letter. - Tom ______________ a letter.

Answer: Tom writes a letter. - Tom does not write a letter. or Tom doesn'twrite a letter.

1) They play volleyball every week. – They don’t play volleyball every week.
2) John is nice. – John doesn’t is nice.
3) This car makes a lot of noise. - This car doesn’t make a lot of noise.
4) I like computer games. – I don’t like computer games.
5) We are from Greece. – We aren’t from Greece.
6) You wear pullovers. - You don’t wear pullovers.
7) They speak English. - Theydon’t speak English.
8) He watches TV. - He doesn’t watch TV.
9) I am from Spain. - I am not from Spain.
10) Steve draws nice pictures. – Steve doesn’t draw nice pictures

1. I (travel) .......... to London every week. Yo viajo a Londres todas las semanas.
2. They (run) .......... in the park every Saturdays. Ellos corren en elparque todos los sábados.
3. My mother (clean) .......... the house. Mi madre limpia la casa.
4. You (be) .......... a good student. Tú eres un buen estudiante.
5. Mary (work) .......... in a bank. Mary trabaja en un banco.
6. John (walk).......... to his office. John camina a su oficina.
7. You (study) .......... English at school. Ustedes estudian inglés en la escuela.
8. The dog (break).......... the fence. El perro rompe la cerca.
9. The car (be) .......... in the garage. El coche está en el garage.
10. My father (have) .......... a nice coat. Mi padre tiene un lindo saco.

1 do you travel to lo London every week? , tu viajas a londres todas las semanas?
2 Does they run in the park every Saturdays?. ellos Corren en el parque todos lo sabados?
3 Does my mother clean thehouse?. mi madre Limpia la casa?
4 Do you are a good student? tu Eres un buen estudiante?
5 Does mary work in a bank?. mary Trabaja en un banco?
6 Does jhon walk to his office?. Jhon Camina a su ofina?
7 Do you study english at school? Ustedes estudian ingles en la escuela
8 Does the dog brake the fence?, el perro rompe la cerca?
9 Does the car be in the garage?. El coche esta en elgaraje?
10 Does my father have a nice coat? , mi padre tiene un lindo saco?

1. We (live) .......... in Paris. Nosotros vivimos en París.
2. George (sell) .......... peaches and apples. George vende duraznos y manzanas.
3. I always (visit) .......... my grandmother. Yo siempre visito a mi abuela.
4. Alice (go) .......... to the church.Alicia va a la iglesia.
5. They (be) .......... my best friends. Ellos son mis mejores amigos.
6. You always (pay) .......... the tickets. Tú siempre pagas los boletos.
7. London (be) .......... a big and nice city. Londres es una ciudad linda y grande.
8. My cousin (paint) .......... the house. Mi primo pinta la casa.
9. I (study) .......... and (work) .......... in Madrid. Yo estudio y...
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