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1. How is the drug use commonly defined?
A: The administration of or use by a competitive athlete of any substance foreign to the body or any physiologicalsubstance taken in abnormal quantity or taken by abnormal route of entry into the body with the sole intention of increasing in an artificial and unfair manner his/her performance competition.
2. Howdid competitors in ancient times fortify themselves?
A: With strychnine-laced alcohol or mushroom potions
3. What were the mushroom potions for?
A: To reduce fatigue and pain
4. Who did takedrugs like cocaine, caffeine etc?
A: The athletes
5. Where are new drugs used?
A: They are more commonly used in the sporting sphere
6. Why were soviet athletes performances better?
A:Because they use of the male anabolic steroid hormone testosterone
7. What did an U.S. physician do and what was the product of that?
A: The final product was methandrostenolone, or Dianabol, and thebirth of a new culture of drug abuse in gymnasiums
8. How were the first tests used?
A: They were relatively primitive, with little legal certainty that the results obtainer were valid.
9.What are blockers taken for?
A: The blockers are taken to slow down the heart rate and reduce hand tremors
10. What are diuretics used for and what are these drugs?
A: The diuretics are used tolose weight and help mask the use of drugs
11. What is the hormone erythropoeitin used for?
A: increase the number of circulating red blood cells, which improves endurance
12. What does ablood sample involve and what is it needed to take it?
A: A physically and emotionally invasive procedure, requiring the consent of the individual to what would otherwise be deemed unlawful assault13. What are the reasons for doping?
A: Can usually be monetary and personal gain. Prestige is another reason and encompasses national and personal esteem for the athlete and also the coach and...
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