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Business Plan- Draft

May 28, 2000

This report is confidential. No part of it may be circulated, quoted, or reproduced fordistribution without prior written approval from Emerald Internet Ventures.

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Executive Summary 1. Industry overview • • • • • Business concept NETLogistiK product offering Competitive landscape Financials Implementation



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What is the Business Concept?
NETLogistiK isan electronic logistics marketplace Ù NETLogistiK will develop an Internet based B2B logistics marketplace in Latin America with the objective of allowing shippers t o manage and contract their freight transportation needs more efficiently. NETLogistiK will focus on the medium/large cargo market. The line of service will range from single to multiple truckload shipments.

What is theopportunity?
The market is attractive – large, fragmented and inefficient Ù The Latin American for-hire transportation market is calculated at $50-60 billion Ù NETLogistiK will originally focus on trucking, which represents around 80% of the market Ù Preliminary estimates show that NETLogistiK could generate revenues in the range of $250 million by 2003/4 Ù The industry is highly fragmented. Top 10 playershave less than 2% market share Ù Shippers have to rely on several carriers to fulfill their shipping needs. The average medium/large-size company in Latin America interacts with over 15 carriers Ù Currently there is no efficient way to contract and compare shipping services The marketplace solution is attractive to both shippers and carriers Ù Shippers will benefit in terms of transportation costand service by extending the choice of carriers and reducing purchasing costs Ù Carriers will benefit from expanding their customer reach and the opportunity to optimize back haul loads (return trip) The development of e-commerce will fuel the size of the market further Ù The surge of electronic commerce will add to the number of shipments by promoting trade across geographies Ù Additionally, thefrequency of shipments will increase as a result of more coordination and communication across companies.


Confidential - Emerald Internet Ventures


How will NETLogistiK business model work?
Main revenue will come as a percentage of transactions Ù NETLogistiK will derive most of its revenues from transaction commissions (e.g., 2.5 1) and cargo insurancereferral. -3.5% Additionally, it will generate revenes from other products/services such as customs advisory, warehousing cargo u and management, and clearing services Ù Once NETLogistiK captures a critical mass of trucks in the system, will offer a vertical market of spare-parts for trucks (e.g. tire s it and purchasing aggregation servicesfor gas and lubricants High-margin business Ù Thisweb-enabled intermediary model will benefit from lowcapital intensity andhigh operational leverage Resulting in high . operating margins (50%) similar to those of other virtual marketplaces (e.g. Ebay, CommerceOne, etc ) Success will be based on early alliances and partnerships with key players Ù To begin operations NETLogistiK will develop alliances and partnerships with key forwarders, carriers shippersusing stock and options Ù Shipper acquisition will be through joint marketing agreements with B2B verticals and through targeted sales efforts focused o leading brick and mortar companies. Operations will focus on main Latin America markets n Ù Operations would first star in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil to then expand to other attractive markets t , Ù We expect to achieve economies of scale by...
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