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3rd GRADE Unit 2: Rules and regulations


Be careful Wet floor No smoking No cell phones

Don’t graffiti No running No food or drink

Do not litter Teachers only Don’t waste waterDISEÑO La hoja de trabajo consta de 9 tarjetas con imágenes de signos de prohibición o alerta y 9 tarjetas con el texto correspondiente a cada una de las tarjetas con imágenes.

ACTIVITY:Warnings – Pair and group work: speaking TIME: 30 minutes AIM: To match a warning/prohibition sign to its meaning and to explain reasons behind. LANGUAGE: Function 2.1 Giving warnings and statingprohibition PROCEDURE Before class: Make a copy of the worksheet for every four students. Cut out the picture and the text cards, and keep them separately. In class: 1. Ask students to work in groups offour and give one set of picture cards and one set of text cards to each group of students. 2. Tell students that they have to match the signs to their meaning. 3. Give students time to do thematching and then check the answers with them. 4. Once students have the correct matching tell them they are going to produce a mini conversation. 5. Divide groups of students into two. 6. Each pair willwork with 4 warning/prohibition signs (there will be one left out). 7. Ask each pair of students to produce a short conversation stating the warning/prohibition that each sign indicates, justifyingit. You may ask them to imagine one of them is a new student at school and the other is showing him/her the school to a new student. For example: A: Look at the stairs. No running. B: Why? A:Because you can fall. B: OK, thanks. 8. Be ready and available to help students to make meaningful conversations. Make them think where they would find the signs and help them to recognize the possibleconsequences of not acting accordingly.
PERFORMANCE EVIDENCE: Students can recognize and understand quotidian texts (warning signs and conversations) in order to use them purposefully (regulate own...
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