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  • Publicado : 7 de septiembre de 2012
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Lesson Plan – Revision of Present Simple Tense
Teacher Name: Julieta Bertotti
Grade level: Elementary (4°)
Subject: Present Simple Tense
Book: Habert, J (2011)On target. Paris: Belin.
Topic to teach: Revision Present Simple Tense and the sounds /ʊ/ and /uː/
Aims: As a result of the lesson, learners will become familiarwith the use of Present Simple Tense. Students will be able to identify situations in order to apply for Present Simple Structure by the teacher’s presentation ofthe structure and practice. Students will practice the sounds /ʊ/ and /uː/ by hearing, identifying and repeating those sounds.
Time Allotted Type of interactionProcedure Material

8 min Ss Students describe a picture using the Present Simple Tense. Two minutes to prepare the description and 2 minutes to talk. Picture
6 minSs Students write as many complete sentences as they said in Present Simple Tense. Picture and Students’ notebook
5 min Ss Students read the statements soeverybody corrects. Students’ notebook
8 min Ss Students exchange the sentences and write down the possible questions to those sentences. Students’ notebook
5 min SsStudents read aloud the questions and sentences. T corrects the pronunciation. Students’ notebook
3 min T Teacher elicits the possible pattern that they can observe andwrites it on the board. Board
15 min Ss The teacher revises quickly the use of Simple Present Tense:
1. Repeated Actions
2. Facts or generalizations.
3.Scheduled Events
4. Now Student’s book
8 min T - Ss Students practice the sounds /ʊ/ and /uː/ Sound English
2 min T Homework: Read the text, and complete the activity.
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