Planning to become a peruvian resident

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  • Publicado : 25 de agosto de 2012
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Isabel Cervera
ESL 558
Jamie Ray

Planning to Become a Peruvian Resident

My country, Peru, has a varied culture, friendly people, delicious food, and biodiversity offlora and fauna. In addition, Peru is a really nice and interesting touristic place because it has historic and beautiful landscapes. For example, Macchu Picchu is a wonder of the world and a Unesco worldheritage site. It is commonly called “Lost City of the Incas”, so it is a wonderful place where there are buildings with the classical Inca architectural style. Visiting Peru is really fantastic.Consequently, if Jamie wants to visit my country, she will certainly enjoy it. However, she cannot ignore the risks that she could have if she wants to go to my country either as a tourist or, evenworse, as a resident. Therefore, if Jamie wants to be a resident in my country, she must be aware of three important factors such as safety, transportation, and unstable economy that can negativelyinfluence her happy stay.
First, Jamie should be aware that the safety is the biggest issue in my country. Jamie could find robbery anywhere. For example, when she arrives at the airport, she mustbe sure that her personal things like luggage and electronic devices (camera, video camera, iPad, laptop and cellphone) are out of sight. The robbers, who would be waiting for her, could take awayher valuable things. In addition, if she is really thinking about being a resident in my country, she should buy a big dog to keep her apartment or house safe. Also, Jamie could be a victim of suddenabduction. As a foreigner, she could be the center of attention for any band of kidnappers. For instance, a car could stop next to Jamie, and kidnappers could stuff her inside the car. Because theywould want to know her bank account’s pin code, they would go to an ATM machine with her, and they would force to her to withdraw money. Then, they would drop her somewhere far away. For these reasons,...
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