Planting in vacant

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  • Publicado : 26 de diciembre de 2011
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A wasteland is an area that is not ready to be planted and therefore never get any fruit from this land. In the same way, we must prepare thepeople for a once paved the way to implement the actions that are planned. Otherwise, we can never get positive results from our actions if we do not prepare theland who is our employees and their families.
The steps to sow in a wasteland are:
1. First of all, ground turns over to eliminate the weeds → We must remove themind of those affected and their families, to eliminate erroneous thinking environment to HIV: We must develop awareness campaigns on the characteristics of AIDS as adisease.
2. The ground is left for a time → We should let the people affected and their families to assimilate the information provided.
3. The ground is fertilized→ We must improve the situation of those affected and their families through health programs for the physical and psychological welfare of these by advice on theirwelfare, access to medical, counseling, voluntary testing, prevention, provision of nutritional supplements and medication when it will necessary.
4. To plow theground to blend the land → we must continue with the campaigns, publicity campaigns and other media.
5. Wait rain because the ground require damp → We must to waitthe optimal conditions: people, like the ground, should be in optimal conditions both physically and mainly psychological
6. Sow → Will be to this point where we can"sow" knowledge, attitudes and practice through education, and only in this way we will ensure that HIV is seen as an illness, not a stigma for the infected person.
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