Play ball

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  • Publicado : 23 de enero de 2011
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Play Ball ,

by Peggy ParishY. Ruiz Figueroa
6to Bach

The story took place in a baseball field in a little town during a day afternoon.Characters Description
Amelia Bedelia:
She is a house wife between the ages of 40 to 45 who dresses like a maid. Is a great cook and likes to buy groceries in a little market. She alsolikes to bake cookies. Amelia is a very nice person who likes to cooperate with everybody in her town. Finally she is a very funny baseball player.

Tom, Bob and Jimmy:
They are littleboys between the ages of 10 to 11 that love plays baseball. Tom, Bob and Jimmy belong to the baseball team called “The Grizzlies”. Bob is an athletic boy who plays at pitcher. Tom is a swarthy kidthat plays second base in the Grizzlies team. Jimmy is the blonde kid of the team and also he plays catcher position.

The story is about Amelia Bedelia, when one day she tried tolearn to play baseball. Amelia made this to help the team of The Grizzles. This team needed a new player because one player of the team was very sick. The team accepted her to play baseball andexplain her how to play. Amelia always understood the opposite of the baseball game. Otherwise she could help win the game Grizzles vs. Tornados. The team was very happy with Amelia for helping them towin and they appreciated it.


The conclusion of the story is when The Grizzles won the game and when Amelia stole all the bases and home plate and ran to her home.When The Grizzles went to Amelia’s home to get all the bases and home plate, she said, “Is not polite to give home plate empty”, so she got home plate and filled it up with a delicious baked...