Plot the warrior heir

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Jack is a boy in his teens that resides in the small town of Trinity, Ohio. Jack almost dies when he was a new born. Jessamine Longbranch, a well-known heart surgeon, saves Jack, preventing his death. Ever since then, Jack has to take a daily dose of a special medicine, but one day Jack forgets to take his medicine. Jack goes out for soccer tryouts with his friends Will and Fitch the dayhe forgets to take his medicine and does heavy damage to a soccer rival: Garret Lobeck.
Jack is visited by his Aunt Linda. Aunt Linda, Will, Fitch, and Jack head out to Coalton County to do some genealogical work: dig up a dead relative. Jack finds out the reason he digs up his dead relative Susannah Downy. She was buried with a valuable heirloom: a weapon. It is a special weapon: theShadowslayer. The sword reveals Jack to be the warrior heir. During the genealogical trip they meet a foe that has magical abilities, Wylie.
After the trip, Aunt Linda tells him about his ancestry´s relation with magic. Jack finds out he is a Weir of Warrior class. Jack was born a Wizard but was given a Warrior Stone when he was an infant because he was born without a Wizard Stone.
Jack is told notto trust anyone by his Aunt Linda. Jack is enwrapped in mystery and doubt. Who can he trust? Why was this kept a secret for so long? Jack is assigned his very own personal trainer: Leander Hastings, his new vice-principal! Nick, a tenant in Jack´s house, starts to teach Jack about wizardry.
Jack begins to deal with a busy schedule. Jack has school in the morning, soccer tryouts after school,his love life is a mess (mixed feelings between Ellen and his ex-girlfriend), and is getting trained both in becoming a warrior and wizardry. Jack gets fed up after running this peculiar schedule a few months and demands answers from Nick. Nick reveals to Jack how important he is. The magic world lacks warriors to participate in The Game. Jack is informed about The Game and even how warriors arebought in The Trade. Since Jack is learning both wizardry and fighting, he is very valuable in the magic world and a rare species as well. It is not common to see those qualities in a warrior.
One day, when Jack was at Trinity High, some traders – individuals who sell warriors in the black market – try to kidnap Jack. Fortunately, this act is prevented by Hastings. That is when Linda andHastings decide that it is too dangerous for Jack to continue in Trinity, Ohio. They take a trip to Britain.
Dr. Longbranch finds Jack and also tries to kidnap him. At this point, Hastings and Jack travel north to Cumbria. At this location, issues a challenge of The Game that will take place in Raven’s Ghyll. Hastings reveals to Jack his true intentions: to fight for himself and then destroy the wizardcouncil.
Jack´s thinks about his current situation but eventually agrees to assist Hastings. Both of them train some more and then head out to The Game held in Raven´s Ghyll. Jack is flabbergasted to find out that his opponent is Ellen Stephenson – talk about a plot twist! Jack doesn’t want to kill her. They both fight and Ellen has the upper hand. She is about to give the final blow but shestops.
Ellen reveals to still have feelings for Jack. The Wizard Council does not like the outcome of the battle and threat to kill them. Jack and Linda receive back up from Hastings and others and a fight breaks out. Suddenly, the ground splits open and an undead army of Warriors from the past come to seek revenge and scaring the Wizard Council, thus, forcing the Wizard Council to apply newunbiased rules to destroy The Game.
Trinity is announced to be a sanctuary for all those beings hiding from the Wizard Council. Jack continues to train and hoping to be better prepared if another encounter with the Wizard Council comes up.

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Personally, I enjoyed reading the whole book. I do believe this is the first time I read a book from this genre; never have really...
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