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PNR manufactures a complete range of spray nozzles for industrial application, and several products and systems based on spray technology. Our complete product range is described by the followingcutalogues: PRODUCT RANGE GENERAL PURPOSE SPRAY NOZZLES AIR ASSISTED ATOMIZERS COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS AND ASSEMBLY FITTINGS INDUSTRIAL TANK WASHING SYSTEMS EVAPORATIVE COOLING LANCES SPRAYDRY NOZZLES STEELWORK NOZZLES CTG CTG CTG CTG CTG CTG CTG CTG TV 10 UG 14 AZ 15 AC 15 LS 15 LN 15 SP 10 SW 10 BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR

Our technical publications are continuously updated, and mailed to Customerswhose name and address are registered into our Catalogue Mailing List. We shall gladly register your name, if you mail to the nearest PNR office the form on page 9, duly filled with the required information.

Our products are continuously reconsidered and modified to keep up with the latest state of technology. We regret not to be able to give our Customers previous advice about thesemodifications: for this reason the data and product specifications given in this Catalogue are to be understood as indications, and do not engage our Company. In case your application should imperatively, require that one or more characteristics of one of our products is strictly maintained, we ask you to obtain a written confirmation about your requirements before sending your order. Allinformation contained into this Catalogue, including product data, product codes, diagrams and photographs are the exclusive property of Flowtech Srl. It is formally forbidden to reproduce any part of this Catalogue without having obtained written permission of Flowtech Srl. Dimensions in this Catalogue are given in mm. All threads are manufactured according to the ISO 259 standards (European norms BS 2779- DIN 259 - UNI 338). Explanations about the abbreviations used in the Catalogue are given at page 13. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

A spraydry process performs the action of separating water or another liquid from a solution, an emulsion or a suspension, for the purpose of obtaining the solidpart of the feed fluid under the form of powder. This is obtained pumping the liquid feed product into a tower, where the same is atomized into drops and put in contact with a stream of hot air. By heating trough thermal convection, the liquid part of each drop evaporates, leaving the solid residue of the drop falling to the bottom of the tower as a powder grain. Spraydry is a widely appliedprocess in modern industry, and it is used to obtain either final or intermediate products under the form of powder in industries like food, chemical, pharmaceutical. There are three types of spray techniques being used in a spraydry system, that is: • Air assisted nozzles • Hydraulic pressure nozzles • Atomization discs The above techniques can give about the same drop size spectrum when atomizingliquids, and the choice among one of the three depends upon several factors in connection with the type of product to be handled. The greatest importance must be attached to the drop size spectrum obtained by liquid atomization, since the dry-tower height depends directly upon the evaporation length of the drop. Producing a small size, narrow range droplet spectrum allows for smaller, more efficienttowers.

Discussing spraydryers it is not the purpose of this catalogue, hence we shall only deal with the basic factors influencing the efficiency of a dryer, including the functions of the atomizer. In any dryer good mixing and efficient liquid-gas contact are of basic importance to assure rapid drying. The height of the dryer system is largely determined by the...
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