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Pygame Framework

Object-Oriented Analsis and Design

(CSCI 4448/6448)

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Ryan Stout Jon Meador Marcus Seeland Peter Robinson


Pygame is a framework whichallows for easy manipulation of common game elements like:
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Backgrounds Sprites Actions and Movements Sounds and Music Event Handling

Main Services
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Display SurfaceSprite Group Rect Mixer Pygame


Display is what you see and the actual call to show the image on the screen


Initializes the display variables Replaces the currentscreen by the off screen buffer



Surface is one of the primary services that you interact with when using pygame. Surface is used to represent an image or combination ofimages on the screen.


Sprite is also used often in game development to represent the actors It is a base class to represent game objects It comes with a great set of built in methodswhich take care of common interactions with the game environment


Group is a container class for sprites. It is very helpful for manipulating large sets of sprites It willdefine more specific behaviors for groups of sprites.


Mixer is the way the programmer implements sound effects and music within the game. It has all the methods used to controlthe sounds in the game.


Rect is the lower level representation of objects like sprites. It defines and controls specific areas on the screens


Pygame basicallyis only used for the Init() method which initializes all of the imported pygame modules. It is also capable of handling errors.

Main Concepts

Pygame is the top-level package which isbroken up by several submodules which perform the various services. Rect and Surface are examples of classes which create these submodules.

Main Concepts (Cont)

There are several classes...
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