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Mexico has always been characterized as an unstable country on the issue of politics. Since the early years of independence of our country to this day, Mexico has experienced several events that haveshaped their destiny and have been the led to the developing country with a weak economy and with too many social problems and also many crimes, which is currently the biggest problem facing thegovernment of our President Felipe Calderon.

In this essay I will discuss the most important political decisions that has led our country, talking about the most important events in the time of themandate of the presidents who has had Mexico.

An event that changed the history of politics in Mexico is the creation of the National Revolutionary Party, created by Plutarco Elias Calles, LazaroCardenas later changed its name to Party of the Mexican Revolution, and finally Miguel Aleman change the name to Institutional Revolutionary Party. This party would have a perfect dictatorship in 2000until Vicente Fox won the election.

The PRI in 2000 for the first time lost the elections because of an electoral reform society-driven, primarily by electoral fraud in which Carlos Salinas deGortari, with fewer votes than Cuauhtemoc Cardenas became president of Mexico thanks to the famous "system crash."

The Zedillo administration gave strength to the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) andgave citizens a character which is achieved with the government no longer manage the elections and become citizens who participate achieving a breakthrough in the democratization of country sincethey are created equal. Based on this, and a repudiation of the PRI on social and economic crisis but mainly by the strong personality of Vicente Fox, this achieved through early and aggressive campaignto get a good margin for clear and decisive victory.

In 2006, despite a shaky government of Vicente Fox, the PAN went back to victory again with his candidate, Felipe Calderón, in part because...
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