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Why Worldwide Icons Are Related To Business?
Karla M. Rodriguez Hornedo
INCO 4008 Sec. 002

Why Worldwide Icons Are Related To Business?

Every place in the world have a specificidentity and something that difference one from other. When we talk about Paris the first thing we think is the Eiffel tower glittering in the night. If we say Egypt we think about desert , the sculptures,the kings and the wonderful pyramids that nobody know how there were build. The leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the important, curious and amazing icon of Italy. We also have a Christ that watch allBrazil all the time called Christ the Redeemer. Finally India is a very exotic place full of different colors and textures that represent the happiness of this country. All of these icons say aeverything about the place. People travel all over the world just to see this wonders. That's when business appear in the map. Business is an organization that provides goods and service to others who needthem. Them are not just people from one place or country they are from all the world. If we want to have a really successful business we have to expand to other country and other types of culture butbefore we have to need to know and learn about the life in other, see what affect this country or what could help the tourism in Paris, Egypt, Italy, Brazil and India for example. The most importantthing in business is to accommodate people needs and tastes and make them happy.
The primary business in every country is the tourism. The tourism plays a very important role in the economy of everycountry, that’s why is the very first business of all time. One of the things people love of all is travel to a different place just to have a break in their life. The things that attract the peopleis the icons that identifies the place. Also if we are professionals we have to know about different cultures and expand our knowledge of different themes, so this way we can show our knows....
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