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1.History of Porcelanosa

2.Business Strategies


4.Business Excellence and CRS

5.International Marketing

6.Innovation Project

1. Introduction

Porcelanosa Group is a leading brand on the Spanish and international tiles market. The Colonques brothers founded a small tiles factory inVillareal a village close to Castellón.This factory with the years has become one of the most important spanish companies, with a 5000 employees and an annual turnover close to 1000 million euros. Lets do a quick review about Porcelanosa history and the 8 brands that Porcelanosa is made up.

Thirty-seven years ago Porcelanosa laid the foundations for what has become a firmly consolidated groupof companies with a clear international projection, whilst remaining true to its vocation for service,based on close attention to detail. In 1973 the firm began production of ceramic white body wall and floor tiles in facilities occupying some 25,000 sq.m in Villareal, staffed by a team of 98 employees. Fourteen years later, the firm’s efforts to expand towards an integral concept led to thecreation of Venis, designed to meet the needs of new segments of the extensive ceramic tile market. Coinciding with this, Gamadecor marked an significant step forward inthe Group’s diversification strategy with the production of kitchen and bathroom furniture. After that. Systempool, founded in 1993 further extended the product range with bath tubs, shower screens and enclosures, shower cubicles,saunas and hydromassage systems. In 1999, the ongoing desire to cover all areas of the most demanding markets (the new trends in natural products reforced by its natural warm for interior projects) led to the creation of one of the Group’s most highly specialised firms, L’Antic Colonial, focusing on the characteristics of natural materials used to create wall and floor coverings featuring uniqueand exclusive details.

Butech was founded in 2001 to offer building solutions in keeping with 21st century technology. This division provides effective and efficient solutions for the installation and maintenance of all the Group’s products, and also offers new systems designed to comply with future building demands. Noken, which entered the market at practically the same time, completes therange of lifestyle products with its sophisticated and efficient designs in brassware, sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, radiators and accessories.

Ceranco was founded in 2004 to offers a range of ceramic tiles designed specifically to meet the requirements of large-scale projects with a low price.

Business Strategy

The diversification strategy has been the main strategy that usesPorcelanosa in its continous economic growth, we have to note that the company begans as a tile factory and nowadays we can find all the products related in building sector.

As i mention before the company is composed by 8 brands all with its proper speciallization. We find inside the company Porcelanosa, Venis, L´Antic Colonial, Gamadecor, Systempool, Ceranco, Butech and Noken, lets do a quickanalisys of the brands to understand better the business strategy of the company. As we know the tile sector in inside the building sector and all the industries that surround this main market( the building market) are related. It is easy to note the products that the 8 brands offers to the international and national market.

Porcelanosa: classic design tile
Venis: modern design tile andnew trends in tiles production
L´Antic Colonial: natural products like stone, wood and glass mosaic
Gamadecor: kitchen design and kitchen furniture
Systempool: company specialize in spa and jacuzzi
Noken: Brassware and sanitary products and bathroom furniture.
Butech: technic products for building sector
Ceranco: Low cost tiles for Contract projects

So inside the...
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