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  • Publicado : 15 de noviembre de 2011
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Every country of the world should have peace in every corner , as delegates we are responsible to change that , to avoid wars, hungry , poorness but how we will change it ifnot all the countries here. Kosovo for example is not here even though it has already became independent ,it needs help to ensure conditions for a peaceful and normal life for allhabitants but certainly first it has to have control about their war. Kosovo might be a problematic country because it will be like part of UE , it will have to accept to enterto some agencies and it will get an strange legal status in order of the International Right System.
Taiwan another country that can´t be here because it doesn’t have thesupport of some countries. Taiwan could be an island of China , it doesn’t matter because there they have different problems. Taiwan should be here because it is a strong country , ifit is here we could have more international commercial threats , manufactured there is very cheap so each country could advantage and explode their commercializing.
In otherway the Vatican city shouldn’t be here because they take advantage of receiving money of all the world, it’s the biggest catholic house and we should have a secular thinking it’strue that in almost the complete world the Catholicism is the religion with more peak but we can’t support always only one religious place if we let the Vatican city to enter itmight occur that they couldn’t support other countries because it’s not sustainable
1.Accept Kosovo, and let them change little by little their laws.
2.Recognisethat all the countries could be benefit with Taiwan.
3.Make threats with Taiwan that let us explode our business.
4.Don’t let the Vatican City enter and make it dependent again.