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  • Publicado : 4 de marzo de 2012
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10°B #38

MARZO 6 DE 2012

A. I have another important job to do, (name).
DAVID. What is it about?
A. It is aboutmoney, I have some checks to cash, I´m running out of money.
DAVID. It´s dangerous to keep more money than you need in your pocket. How much are the checks made of?
A. One is for seven hundreddollars, the other one is for three hundred.
DAVID. That´s a lot of money, you don´t need that much at the university, unless you are not going to receive any more.
A. I´ll tell you the truth,five hundred is to buy a used car, the rest, to get through the first semester.
DAVID. That´s another story. I´ll tell you what you should do.
A. Go ahead.
DAVID. I would suggest that you cashonly the one for three hundred and buy two hundred and fifty dollars in your pocket. That´s still a lot.
DAVID. I agree with you, but... how about the other check, could I cash it at theuniversity?
B. That´s what I´m thinking about. Since you aren´t going to spend this money right now you can open a savings account at a bank until you make up your mind about your car. And...as forthe rest of the money, you can deposit it in a checking account and get a check book to write your checks in.
DAVID. Well, it´s there any difference between this two accounts?
B. In a savingsbank you receive interest for your money, but you are supposed to have a monthly balance of no less than two hundred dollars, I think.
DAVID. I see that´s just the same as in my country.
B.Naturally, you open these accounts in the town where the university is.
DAVID. I also brought some other money for a student in Indiana, but I want be able to give it to him personally.
B. Send himthe money in a Postal money order or in a Telegraph Money Order through Western Union. It´s a little faster, that´s all.
DAVID. That´s swell. I´m amazed how easy you figured out everything.
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