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after traveling overland from Arica, to Tacna, Arequipa we arrived in Cuzco.
cuzco is a tourist town, this city is about 3700 meters above sea level .
in pre-Columbian times was the Incacapital.
when we were on the way, a friend (Victor) vomit on the bus due to the height of Cuzco. in the city stands the colonial style that is perfectly preserved, and its extraordinary churches.we visited museums and went to church.
we go out at night to a pub with live music, is a good place to have fun. took us girls because girls just wanna have fun
went to the market and boughtsouvenirs for the family, and lunch for low prices. finally took a tour to machu pichu all inclusive.
a recommendation to avoid confusion, if offered in cuzco paint pictures, they mean if you wantcannabis
Isla del Sol
The island of the sun is in front bolibia cup cottage in the middle of Lake Titicaca.
this place is beautiful and has a mystical touch. is at a height greater than the cusco,is at 4600 meters above sea level.
When we arrived we were charged entry which is a steal, I did not pay, but my friends if they did. This island is very cold, so we made a fire, and appreciatean extraordinary view of where we could see lightning in the distance. The next day we toured the island and took pictures, were only 2 days, is a very short time.
Uyuni is a rustic town,located next to the Salar de Uyuni, in this town we took a tour that includes the salt and the national park. Salar de Uyuni is the world's largest, producing an extraordinary mirror effect with water.in the salt we take funny pictures, and then lunch.
then toured beautiful landscapes and the best was a flamingo reserve, and share with other people who took the tour, we played cards withGerman and Polish.
Best of all were the hot springs with more than 50 degrees, The tour ended at the border with Chile so we decided to cross into our country. so we come to san pedro de atacama
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