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ThiSGtatemenl applill$ to tho follQwing property: 11336ANZA ROAD APPLE VAllEY, CA 92307; SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY;


APN#0434-051.10-0000 Dale: 2010-12dl8 10.14:00

i'tIe transferore),d his or her agent(s)or a third-party consultant disclose the following InformaUonwilh the knowledge that even though this Is not awarranty, prospecllve In deCiding whether and on what terms to purthasethe Subject Property. Transferor hereby authorizes any 090nl(S) repre8en~ngany prlnclpal(s)in this acllon to provide or entity Inconnaetionwlth any actual or anllClpaledsala of the property. The following Bfe representallonsmade by the lfansferor and his or her agent(s) based on their and federal governments. This Infoonation Is adisclosure and Is nol intended lo be part of any contract between !he transferee and transferor. THIS REAL PROPERTY HAZARDOUS AREA(S): 1. A SPECIAL FLOOD HAZARD AREA (Any type Zone "A" or"V")designated by the Federal Emergency ManagementAgency. Yel) _ No..1lDo not know and Informatlon not avelleblefrom 10caijurisdicUon _ 2. AN AREA OF POTENTIAL Yes_ No..1lRefer to Report

transferees may relyon this Information a copy of this statement to any pel1lon knowledge and maps drawn by the stale LIES WITHIN THE FOLLOWING

FLOOCING shown on a dam feilure lnundatlonmap pursuant to Section 8589.5of !he GovernmentCode. Do nol know and infonnatlon not avalJablefrom IocaIJurisdlclion_ pursuantlo 5ection 51178 Of' 51179 of !he GovernmentCode. ,

Refer to Report

3. A VERY HIGH FIRE HAZARDSEVERITY ZONE the GovernmentCode. Refer to Report. Yes_ N0....A..-

The owner of this property Is subject to !he maintenance requirements of Section 51182 of

••• A WILDLAND AREA THAT MAY CONTAINSUBSTANTIAL FOREST FIRE RISKS AND HAZARCS pursuanllo Section 4125 of tho Public Resources Code. The owner of this property Is subject 10 the malnteflBnceroquirementsof Section 4291 of the Public...
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