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The 100 Top Interview Questions

In order to feel comfortable during a job interview, you need to be well prepared. Part of being well prepared is having a good idea of what to expect during the interview. To help you prepare for the interview, below are the top 100 interview questions. You may not hear all of these questions, but if you review them beforehand, you will be ready to give thebest interview possible.
To help you prepare, you may want to write out short answers to each question as you read it. A good way to practice your interview skills is to have a practice interview with a friend, or even look in a mirror as you practice by yourself. During your real interview, you will have to be able to think on your feet and adjust your answers accordingly. However, with practice,you will be able to do this easily and with confidence.
The purpose of a job interview is to let the interviewer find out more about you. They are trying to find out more about your background, skills, education, goals, personality and work ethics. In general, there are 20 qualities that interviewers will be looking at during a job interview. These are:
• The ability to take direction
•A positive, proactive attitude
• Productivity
• Flexibility
• Honesty and integrity
• Good communication and interpersonal skills
• Teamwork style
• Loyalty
• Willingness to learn
• Initiative
• Willingness to help
• Time management skills
• Problem solving skills
• Planning and organization skills
• Decision making skills
•Goal setting
• Motivation level and energy
• Stress management
• Creativity
• Leadership abilities and style
Interviewers will use the following 100 questions to find out all of this information during the interview process.
1. Tell me a little about yourself.
2. How did you find out about this job? Do you know what this job entails?
3. What do you know about ourcompany?
4. Why are you interested in this particular career?
5. Why do you want to work here?
6. What interests you the most about this position?
7. What is your personal mission statement?
8. Does your boss know you are here today?
9. Are you a Type A, B or C personality?
10. What are your personal strengths? Have about 5 personal job-related strengths ready and explainhow you have used them in the workplace.
11. What are your weaknesses? Talk about how you have turned 2 or 3 weaknesses into strengths.
12. What is your work ethic?
13. Give me an example of a time when you went above the call of duty at work.
14. How do you define success and failure?
15. What are your goals for the next five years?
16. Why did you leave (or are leaving) yourprevious job?
17. How have you saved your employer money and increased income?
18. What are the most important things you learned in school, at work and in life?
19. How do you define leadership? What makes a good leader?
20. Do you take pride in your work? How does it show?
21. Do you have good communication skills? Are you better at written or oral communication?
22. How good areyour vocabulary and grammar skills?
23. Describe some of your effective written communications.
24. Tell me about two occasions when you were proactive.
25. Are you competitive?
26. Can you explain the gaps in your work history in your resume?
27. How do you react when you receive "no" for an answer?
28. Can you tell me what you think is the difference between a healthy ego and abig ego?
29. Tell me about an example of helping a coworker when you got no direct benefit from it.
30. How are your manners? What kind of people do you think deserve to be treated with good manners?
31. Do you try to learn something every day?
32. What does "thinking outside of the box" mean to you?
33. How are your computer skills? What programs and software are you familiar...
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