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Hola, aqui les dejo las preguntas de este libro, para los etrictos en ingles no es un gran aporte, pero le dediqué tiempo para realizarlo a pesar de que no se me da bien esta asignatura.

The Thirty nine stops

Chapter 1

1.Who was hannay and what do we know about him before his return to Briain?
Richard Hannay has thirty-six year. He was born in Scotland and had lived in Africa and is nowin Britain.

2.How long had Hannay been living in London when the story begins and how did he feel about it ?
Most recently, he feels bored there.

3.Why did Scudder need Hannay’s help ?
For Scudder is in danger, because it has discovered a terrorist group the “Black Stone" and they want to assassinate the Greek Minister to start the war.

4.Who was karolides and what had ScudderDiscovered about him ?
Koralides is the first Greek minister, the terrorist group wants to kill him for starting the war.

Chapter 2

1.What did Hannay find one evening when he come home from his club ?
Hannay finds Scudder with a knife in the heart

2.What were Scudder’s murderers looking for in Hannay’s flat and why didn’t they find it ?
The murderers are "Black Stone" . They don’tfind Hannay becouse decides to escape whit The milkman clothes.

3.Why did Hannay dicide to go into hiding rather than call the police ?
Because two groups were search to Hannay, police (Hannay stop for murder) and "Black Stone"

4.Why did Hannay decide to go into hiding in Galloway ?
Because he was born in Scotland, were his origins.
Catéter 3

1.Why was it difficult for Hannay to readScudder’s notebook?
Because it was written in code and could not understand

2.When had Hannay planned to get off the train and why did he change his plan?
becouse he recognized a man who was taking notes the day before, this man could be a policeman.
3.Why did Haanay think that the plane was looking for something ?
Because two men looked at very carefully Hannay.

4.Who was the youngman on the bridge ?
He is a innkeeper who help him.

Chapter 4

1.What was the key to the code in Scudder’s notebook?
Hannay had doubts about the book as were the words: "thirty nine steps"

2.Decribe the two men who came to the inn. Who did they say there were?
Have have two man, the first man is a old, the secon man is youn and blond

3.What did Hannay ask the inn Keeper to do inNewton Stewart?

Chapter 5

1.What had Hannay found out about June 15 ?
That on June 15 will be assassinated Prime Minister of Greece, Koralides

2.What was the Black Stone and how did Germany Intend to use the Black Stone?
Is a terrorist group, its purpose is to assassinate first misister of Greece to World War II begins

3.In what ways did Sir Harry help Hannay?
He said his uncle wasa very important political and uncle could help him

4.How would Sir Walter Bulivant know Hannay was the man he was supposed to help?
Harry whistle a song from Scotland and would talk about "Black Stone"

Chapter 6

1.What did Hannay dicide to do when he saw that he was surrounded on al sides?
He tried to escape the man who followed him.

2.What offer did Hannay make to the roadmen hemet ?
Hannay offered him finish his day's work for man to go to sleep.

3.Why didn’t the two men who had come to the inn recognise Hannay when he was Worthing on the road ?
That Hannay was dressed roadman.

4.Why did Jopley help Hannay ?
Because Hannay said that as the car would not let him have another murder.

Chapter 7

1.What was the result of Jopley’s telling the police aboutHannay?
that the police following him, but Hannay hide.

2.What did Hannay think was strange about the old man on the veranda?
He did not know why but it felt uncomfortable

3.How did hannay know that the old man was one of the spies in the Black Stone?
That recognizes one of their movements and see it in his eyes and his smile.

4.Why did Hannay say the his name was Ainslie ?
Why the...
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