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Guía inglés
Unit 1 International English
What´s is your name? My name is Natalie
Where are you from? I´m from England
Excuse me, where´s the toilet?
Thank you
I´d like this please. (quiero este por favor)
How much is it? Eight pounds (cuanto es)
Thank you
Unit 2 Information
What´s your name? My name is, my name´s, I’m
What´s your address? My address is George Hotel(dirección)
What´s your telephone number? My telephone number is 6351093990
What´s your job?
What´s your occupation? I´m an architect, a student (se usa siempre A antes del nombre de la profesión o AN si la palabra comienza con vocal)
Where are you from? I´m from Britain, the USA, Japan
What´s your nationality? I´m Mexican, American, Japanese

Unit 3 Meeting people (conocer gente)Hello, Natalie
Hello, Kevin. How are you?
I´m fine, thank you. How are you?
Fine thanks
I´m fine. You´re fine
To be
Singular Contraccion
I am
You are
He is
She is
It is I´m
Plural contraccion
We are
You are
They are We´re

His name is Tom Hall, He´s the managing director
Her name is Rita Patel, she´s a secretary
Their namesare Sandra Tuner And Rita Patel, They are at Map Advertising

Unit 4 Food and Drink (alimentos y bebidas)
What would you like? I would like an apple, please.
What would you like to eat? I´d like a sandwich, please
What would you like to drink?
Tea or coffee? Tea, please. Coffee, please
Milk? Yes, please
Sugar? No, thank you
Unit 5 a please to live (Un lugar para vivir)
Where do youlive? (donde vives) l have, I live in, a house, a flat, a hotel
Does the house have a living room? (tiene tu casa una estancia)
Does it have a kitchen?
Yes, it has. No, it hasn´t
Do you, we, you, they have a garden? (tienes un jardin)
Does he, she, it have a garden?
Unit 6 Meet the family (conocer a la famila)
This is my mother, father, sister, brother
This is sally´s house, family,friend (esta es la casa de Sally)
Who´s that? (quien es) She´s my sister. He´s my brother
Who´re that? (quien es esa) they´re his friends (son sus amigos)
What´s her, his name? (como se llama) her name´s Laura (su nombre es Laura)

What does she, he do? (que hace ella) She´s a student. He´s an engineer
What do they do? (Que hacen) they´re students
Where does she, he live? (donde viveella) She lives in the USA
Where do they live? (donde viven) they live in the USA
Adjetivos posesivos
My mi
Your tu
His su de el
Her su de ella
Its su para animales y cosas
Our nuestro
Their su de ellos

Unit 7 shopping (compras)
Near cerca Far lejos
Which one? this one, one of these (cual?, este, uno de esos) That one aquel
One of those uno de esos
Which ones?These, there of these (cuales? De estos Those aquellos
Some of those alguno de los

How much is this, that? (cusnto es esto, eso)
How much are these, those? (cuento es eso)

Unit 8 Every day todo los dias
What time is it, please? Que hora es por favor
It´s nine o´clock, quarter past, eleven, quarter to five.
I have lunch at one o´clock tengo un almuerzo a la una
Days of theweek
• Monday-Lunes.
• Saturday-Sábado.
Unit 9 Spare time tiempo libre
I/We/You /They like going to the theatre. Don´t like playing tennis a ellos les gusta ir al teatro. A ellos no les gusta jugar tenis
He/ She likes Watching television. doesn´t like listening to musicUnit 10 at the office en la oficina
Can you type? Draw? No, I can´t, but I can draw pero puedo, yes I can
"There is" y "There are" quieren decir "Hay" en español. "There is" es singular y "There are" es plural.
There´s a phone here. There isn´t a phone here. Is there a phone here?
Yes, there is. No there isn´t (si lo hay, no, no lo hay) (hay un telefono aqui)
There are five...
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