Present perfect simple

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Exceptions in Spelling when adding ‚ed‘
Write the participle form (3rd form) of the regular verbs. Note the exceptions in spelling when adding ‚ed‘.
* use - used
* try - tried
* carry - carried
* dance - danced
* cycle - cycled
* travel - travelled
Great, all answers are correct!
have or has
Fill the gaps with 'have' or 'has'.
* I haveanswered the question.
* She has opened the window.
* They have called us.
* You have carried a box.
* It has rained a lot.
* We have washed the car.
* He has closed the window.
* Jenny has locked the door.
* The girls have visited the museum.
* John and Sophie have helped in the garden.
Great, all answers are correct!
Exercise on Present PerfectSimple

Positive Sentences in Present Perfect Simple
Write positive sentences in present perfect simple
The following people have just completed an action.
* Bob has visited his grandma.
* Jimmy has played on the computer.
* Sue and Walter have washed their car.
* Andrew has repaired his bike.
* Phil has helped Anne with maths.
* Brad and Louise have watched afilm.
* Tamara has talked to her best friend.
* Bridgette has drawn a picture.
* Carol has read a computer magazine.
* Tom and Alice have been.
Write positive sentences in will Future.
* We will help you.
* I will get you a drink.
* I think our team will win the match.
* Maybe she will do a language course in Malta.
* I will buy thetickets.
* Perhaps she will do this for you.
* Maybe we will stay at home.
* She hopes that he will cook dinner tonight.
* I’m sure they will understand your problem.
* They will probably go to the party.
Great, all answers are correct!
Write negative sentences in will future.
* I will not answer the question.
* She will not read the book.
* They willnot drink beer.
* We will not send the postcard.
* Vanessa will not catch the ball.
* James will not open the door.
* We will not listen to the radio.
* They will not eat fish.
* She will not give him the apple.
* The computer will not crash.
Great, all answers are correct!
Write questions in will future.
* Will you ask him?
* Will Jenny lockthe door?
* Will it rain?
* Will the teacher test our English?
* What will they eat?
* When will she be back?
* Who will drive us into town?
* Where will we meet?
* When will I be famous?
* What will you do?
Great, all answers are correct!
Put the verbs into the correct form (future I simple). Use will.
Jim asked a fortune teller about hisfuture. Here is what she told him:
* You will earn a lot of money.
* You will travel around the world.
* You will meet lots of interesting people.
* Everybody will adore you.
* You will not have any problems.
* Many people will serve you.
* They will anticipate your wishes.
* There will not be anything left to wish for.
* Everything will be perfect.* But all these things will only happen if you marry me.
Great, all answers are correct!

Write positive sentences in going to future.
* I / work - I am going to work
* you / dance - you are going to dance
* it / rain - it is going to rain
* they / ask - they are going to ask
* he / stays - he is going to stay
* we / speak - we are going to speak
*I / give - I am going to give
* she / try - she is going to try
* they / help - they are going to help
* he / push - he is going to push
Great, all answers are correct!
The following people are about to do something. You can see that they have already planned or prepared the action.
Write positive sentences in going to future.
* What does she need the telephone for?...