Primeras impresiones de un inmigrante en usa

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First impressions of an Immigrant to the US
One of the biggest mistakes of knowing anything in this world is to live your life through stereotypes ; It can be a person, a restaurant, even acountry. Just do not go for the first impression; wait and see what the truth is before jumping to the swimming pool without a life vest.
In 2003 I was tired of the same routine, of the same city, and formost of me. Circumstances lead me to a vacation trip that, according to my calculations, will last no more than three months. How self absorbed was I thinking that I was the maker of my destiny andowner of my life.
2004 came by and I was still in the believe that my vacation was extended and that sooner or later I will be back home with a loaded bag of new memories and wisdom. I thought thatthe land of free did not have anything more to offer than an extremely well developed consumer market and a lot of wonderful places to go and have fun vacations.
How far I was from true when 2005came and I was married and starting a new life with a man that had all in himself to be the father of my children and my partner for life. Later that year I realize that my plans to go back home hadchange and the vacation country little by little was becoming my home.
2006 make me become aware about what this country was all about: really hard work, consequences of each and every one of youractions, and rewards for every effort that you make. A country that even though cannot promise richness for every one...can assure you that if you work hard you will get compensated.
Thinking that Igot everything figured out, I went ahead and put myself in a whole new journey; I become pregnant and had the most beautiful and healthy baby girl. I got to know the health system and the people thatdevote their lives for ours. Words ca not express the gratitude that I have for those, specially the nurses, that choose to be part of the maternity pavilion. Hard working people that give not just...
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