Problematic and time dedicated to education

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Problematic and time dedicated to education

The teacher does not have time to reflect on his practice, beside, they are worried about their salary, their economy, their family situation and they can not offer quality education.
The main problem is that the teacher most of the times are just worried to accomplish with their authorities and the worst they forgot student needs.

About thisBallesteros y Usano (*) show that the economic situation of teachers, the scholar context, and even their missing tell us that someone has to establish a program of scholar activities that warrant the correct use of time and the energy of students and teachers.

Also making effective the time at school the SEP establish that:

With the purpose of improve the quality of education and set therules for scholar activities to make work properly the educational programs, The students , Teachers and parent should make an effort to make this possible.
Establish that the scholar period have 200 days of effective classes(*1)

If the rules for education, and we are talking about public and private education, have been set; The real life shows something completely different because they are alot of days off non contemplated on the calendar that SEP establish counting at least 16 days without classes.
But 16 days doesn’t sound like a lot but how many days the school and teachers take to get the students prepared for these cultural and civic events and the worst in local traditions.

Beside the health campaigns and the fill and delivery of school documents, as attendance registers,grades and planeation.
A s a whole package the teaching work related with the parents conform the world to work for teachers, and with all this you have to complete with the educational contents established by SEP.

Talking again about the effective time used at school and the effective time used at teaching Sylvia Shmelkes (*2) affirm that the out coming problems are due to the time used foreffective teaching because is not enough for the adequate learning.
*The teacher absences, the time used for them in different activities inside of the school, the time used for control students, the time used for clean the room, to correct homework, -If the time for effective teaching gets reduced by these things the effective learning is reduced too-

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Something that happens just in the English teaching is that all the times are just a limited time for the class and for teachers this means thattheir teaching time becomes in a routine and it is hard to see it as a problem so in the same way it is hard to create solutions.

A different opinion is the one from Margarita Gomez Palacio (*) She says that the scholar failure and their difficult for learn is responsibility of the kid, because his lack of attention and his poor intelligence.
-Personally this is truth for me- The contents,the real time and the way to teaching are never studied, this means that at any age in any situation every single person builds his knowledge at his own rhythm and this requires extra time.

In public and private education the educational contents are previously established the difference is that in private education the kids have been exposed to English since previous ages and in publiceducation the 6th graders have never been exposed to previous knowledge related to English, The sep ask you as a teacher for results and for planners elaborated with the contents they give you.

But is possible to run before you learn to walk? Of course is not. How can I teach grammar structures if the kids don’t know how to identify verbs, adjectives, etc.

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