Sex education and school

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  • Publicado : 12 de diciembre de 2010
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Sex Education and School
Many parents believe that they are the ones that should teach their children about sex. They believe that the school may contradict or confuse their kids. In certaincultures they believe that sex should not be practiced until after marriage. While the school may give their children condoms. On the other hand, there are some parents who prefer the school teach theirkids. Either they don’t have the time or they don’t feel comfortable talking to their kids about sex. In my opinion, it is the parent’s responsibility to teach their kids, not the schools. “ “. Someparents that have an open relationship with their children teach them how and when sex should be done. These parents want the best for their children and want their kids to follow in the right path. Someparents “ “ have had their under the age of 18. They struggled to keep their kids alive and well. Those parents probably faced rejection from society, trouble finding a job, quitting school to takecare of them, and maybe even living in the poorest of conditions. These parents want to implant in their children not to make the same mistakes, and to save themselves all the trouble that they had togo through. Then the children go o school, take sex education, habve teachers that teach just to get a paycheck, tell them to take some condoms, and demolish everything their parents have taught them.If the school is going to teach sex education they should really look into teachings and really teach what the responsibilities and lifelong consequences of just a couple hours of pleasure mayhappen. The school should teach about diverse STD’s. and that they can occur w/or without the use of condoms. How pregnancy isn’t a “fashion”, but a big responsibility.
Other parents live such a rushedlife that they may not have the time to spend just about an hour to explain and answer their children’s questions. Or maybe they are simply not comfortable talking to their own children about sex. So...
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