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  • Publicado : 13 de octubre de 2010
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Aula virtual Questions
1. According to the reading what considerations should be taken in relation to the showed P.O.?

* Its necessary to prevent occasional problems fot this reason itwould be important to specify technical clauses in the contract
* The contract must include the terms of payment, the place and the delivery period between other requirements
* For instance inthe Unit price, it must be specify the kind of currency for the contract, American dollars for this case
* For example for our P.O its necessary an special supervision at the moment of the deliverybecause of they are LCD´s Tv´s and they need special care
2. What would you recommend to amend on the sales contract?

1.- EXW: Our trade terms is Ex- Works (EXW)
No, its no necessary to putEXW in the pro-forma and in the invoice
2.- FAS: Passage of risk
In this case the risk of the ship arrives later of the delivery period is for the buyer
3.- FCA: Unloading the truck
Theresponsible for the unloading of the truck at the terminal at the place of delivery with FCA basis is the buyer
4.- FOB: Transfer of ownership and costs at Transshipment Port
- The ownership of the goods istransferred to the buyer when the goods are placed over the ship´s rail of the port of shipment
- Not it mustn´t be paid by the seller because the cost assumed for the seller is until the port ofshipment
5.- CFR: On – Carriage where goods are retained prior to arrival at destination port
Where a seller sells CFR a named port, but ten interrupts their carriage to that port by retaining them atanother port, which party assumes
- The responsibility for their delay?
- The risk for any damage, which might occur to tem at the intermediate port of during their on-carriage?
The responsibilityfor this delays is for the seller whereas the risk for any damage that might occur is for the buyer.
6.- CIF: Transfer of risks
Where a sale contract is expressed to be “CIF named port”, when is...