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-Hello - Good Morning -Good Afternoon -Good Night -How are you? -I am good
-I am not so good -I am great! -I am good. Thank you. And you? -What is your name?
-My name is …-Nice to meet you -Nice to meet you too -Where are you from
-I am from … -What do you do? -I am a student -I am a teacher -Where do you live? -Where is …? -How oldare you? -I am ... years old -Do you speak English?
-I only speak a little English -I don't understand -Can you repeat that
-Can you speak more slowly? -Can you help me? -Yes-No -Please -Thank you
-You are welcome! -Excuse me -I am sorry -See you soon -See you tomorrow
-Good bye -Have a nice day.
-Man -woman -girl -boy -I am tall. -am short. -I am a man. -I am a woman.
-I am a girl. -I am a boy. -I am old. -I am young. -You are a man. -You are a woman.
-You are a boy. -You are a girl. -You are tall. -Youare short. -You are old.
-You are young. -He is a man. -She is a woman. -He is a boy. -She is a girl.
-She is old. -She is young. -He is tall. -He is short. -The man is tall.-The boy is short.
-I am a woman. I am not a man. -I am a boy. I am not a girl. -I am not old. I am young.
-You are not a woman. You are a man. -You are not a girl. You are a boy.
-Youare not short. You are tall. -You are not old. You are young. -He is not tall. He is short.
-The boy is not tall. -The man is not short.
-The coin is gold. -The coin is silver.-The car is silver. -The car is yellow.
-The wallet is black. -The wallet is brown. -The purse is black. -The purse is white.
-The house is brown. -The house is red. -The door isbrown. -The door is blue.
-The building is blue. -The building is red. -The. Truck is yellow. -The truck is white.
-The flower is purple. -The flower is orange. -The tree is orange....
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