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Root Cause Problem Solving for Continuous Learning

Toyota: Yoi shina, yoi kangai
Good thinking, good products

The Toyota Way Fieldbook: A Practical Guide for ImplementingToyota's 4Ps by Jeffrey K. Liker and David Meier McGraw-Hill © 2006 (496 pages) ISBN:0071448934

The Toyota Way, 4P’s

•Philosophy •Process •People and Partners •Problem solving


22/06/2007Typical quantities of opportunities available

Opportunities captured by typical companies



Toyota leverages opportunities at all levels

Toyota Approach
Large Issues IssueLarge issues, low quantity, high complexity and difficulty Typical Scope Issues that effect the entire organization, plant, or department Examples • Annual planning • New model launch •Interdepartmental issues • Product development Implementation Process • Management kaizen training • Cross-functional teams • Department/Plant management • Initiated and supported by plant management
ImplementationProcess • Departmental, crossfunctional team (production, maintenance, engineering) • Intergroup team (members of same group) • Quality Circles • Small teams or individuals • Supported by supervisoror department manager • Possible payment award through the suggestion program

Medium Issues Issue Medium-size issues, moderate to high quantity, medium complexity and difficulty Typical Scope Issuessimilar to typical Six Sigma projects or kaizen events. May affect the group or department. Examples • Development of new processes • Procurement of new equipment • Significant safety, quality,production, or cost issues

Toyota Approach to Small Issues Issue Small-size issues, virtually unlimited quantity, low difficulty to resolve Typical Scope Issues that appear repeatedly throughout theday. May cause small amounts of waste every cycle. Range in opportunity from very small to fairly significant. Examples • Elimination of minor issues and waste • Small continuous improvement such as...
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