Programa conjunto sector privado

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Joint Programme Results Framework:[1]

|Expected UNDAF outcome: |Increased capacities of institutions and producer organizations in areas of productive development and generation of employment through the sustainable management of natural and environmental|
| |resources by 2010|
|Objective: |National and local capacities strengthened in programme management and public policy formulation for productive regional development and promote coordination between service providers and |
| |producers in high value-addinginitiatives that stimulate access to domestic and international Fair Trade markets and provide a wide socio-economic impact, in order to improve the quality of |
| |life of 10,000 rural poor families from the Bolivian Altiplano. |
|Jointprogramme outcomes [2] |Outputs |Budget (per Output) |Indicative Activities |Local and |
| | |(thousands of USD) ||national partners |
|1: Policies and management of regional productive development |
|Component 1.1: Public policies for regional productive development|
|Strengthened institutional capacities on issues of |National and local public policies formulated and |80 (FAO) |Training workshops for local and national authorities on the |MDRAyMA, |
|national and local public policies in support of |implemented toencourage the development of regional |320 (UNDP) |formulation and implementation of public policies in support of |Municipal |
|regional productive development promoting gender |productive capacities. |80 (UNIDO) |regional productive development and advocating gender equality. |Governments, |
|equality.| | | |Producer |
| |Local and national authorities trained in the |80 (FAO) |Activities for the exchange of national andinternational |Organizations |
| |formulation and implementation of public policies in |320 (UNDP) |experiences in the formulation of national and local policies for | |
| |support of productive development. |80 (UNIDO)|promoting sustainable regional development and advocating gender | |
| | | |equality. | |
|Component 1.2: Regional management of productive development...
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