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Didactic planner for competences

|Subject: English VI |Unit 3 |
||Social practice: ask and give information about present perfect |
| |(already andyet) |
|General objectives: ||Students learn present perfect tense using already and yet |
|Students learn verbs in past participle using the irregularand regular form |
|Life competences: permanent learning |
|Specific and micro competences :|
|Use verbs in past participle.|
|Identify the general message of sentences in present perfect (already and yet)textually |
|Formulate questionsinside the same context of present perfect in an orally and written way. |
|Identify short and long answers in present perfect (already and yet) in an orallyand written way. |
|Deduce the meaning of unknown words related to the things in present perfect (already and yet) |
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